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West End Girls : Working girls and their maids

Soho 1948. A glamorous West End Girl charms a naive young barmaid into her service. This is the maid's true account of life in the decadent underbelly of postwar London.

On this website, you can read book extracts and explore Barbara's interesting world.

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Do you know someone who lived in Soho in the forties?

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Hannes Buhrmann   

When I met Barbara for the first time, I was quite amazed to learn that there are still some people around who lived in Soho just after the second world war. I have since managed to track down one or two other people who lived or worked in Soho in those days. Their stories are fascinating, and I would love to hear more.

I work in Soho. Having heard Barbara's first-hand accounts of a Soho that no longer exist makes my experience of the place so much deeper and richer, and it would be great if I can use this site to build a rich anecdotal tapestry of Soho life back then.

If you know of anyone, or if you have any anecdotes about the Soho of the late forties or early fifties, please leave a comment, or contact me here. There aren't many people around who can still give us a first-hand account, and it would be a great sadness if we cannot record their stories for posterity - on paper, on audio, or on video.

Please get in touch. If you think that someone else might be able to contribute, please forward this article to them.

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